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Indias independence didnt come easy. It didnt come free either. The two nation theory saw its dawn and India was partitioned. She bled. Bled profusely. Wasnt that expected when you chop off a persons both hands? Hundreds of thousands perished in the genocide that ensued the partition. History might consider it as mere statistics or collateral damage, but individuals who suffered and survived to tell the tale provide a different perspective. The madness was so atrocious that almost 70 years later, we still hear its reverberations.When the storm was over and the remains were plucked from the site of destruction, question could arise, Was it worth it? Chaman Nahals Azadi recounts the horrors of partition through those days in the lives of several individuals in a bordering state of newly formed Pakistan and their long walk from the land the born in, into an unfamiliar world supposed to be their own. The book is not exactly a literary achievement. Neither it provokes thoughts to treat the time differently. It just narrates the horrific massacres and provides, probably a little biased, interpretations of the moods and motives of those time. The stories of love, lust and friendship ended very disappointingly, to say the least. However, the simple language makes the book very readable. Characters were sketched very realistically making the tragedies befalling on the likable ones very poignant. Tragic times. Tragic story.

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